Lawn care enthusiasm is in my blood.  I grew up learning from my dad as he meticulously took care of his lawn, and my grandpa for whom I had the pleasure of helping in his lawn as he got older.  Today I’m a husband and father counting my blessings every day. I’m passionate about lawn care, and happy to share my knowledge and experience with you.  I’m that guy in your neighborhood obsessed with his lawn, mowing stripes, weighing fertilizer on a scale, taking soil tests, etc…

I’m not the first guy to make videos or content about lawn care.  There are a lot of talented people producing educational and entertaining content before me, who I support.  I still remember buying and moving into our first home with my newly expectant wife.  Immediately that spark of enthusiasm was rekindled. I began to watch those now classic videos of the Lawn care nut and have since been a humble member of the lawn care community.

My hope is that this site can help those of you who are not fully confident with lawn care and also serve as one more source of grass related content for those fellow lawn care enthusiasts to enjoy.

Let this average Joe help you have an above average Lawn.

Thanks for visiting,

-Joe Tepp